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2016 12 Volts
        Vinicola 4 Kilos

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EU BIO klein Biozertifiziert von ES-ECO-013-IB

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Gutiérrez 91: The 2016 12 Volts is a blend of 60% Callet and Fogoneu with 20% Syrah and 10% each Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, partly fermented with carbonic maceration and aged in 3,000-liter foudre and used 225-liter barriques. 2016 was a year without winter and lots of rain in the spring, an unusual year, but not "tropical" like 2017, a year with humidity and heat! The grapes ripened quite well. They did more carbonic maceration to get better freshness in the palate, but it does not compare with the 2013, which for them is one of the best vintages ever despite the fact that in the island overall it was considered a "bad" vintage. This is a fresh Mediterranean climate, with humidity and sea breeze that refreshes the temperatures, and there is even snow in the winter. The palate showed better, and I believe the nose might be a bit fuzzy because it was only bottled three months ago, but it should evolve nicely. 50,000 bottles and 600 magnums.

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